Champions Business Group

I bring close to a decade of experience to any client that is in the market to buy or sell property. I come with individual marketing strategies for every buyer and seller client that I work with. Along with creative and effective marketing strategies, I surround my clients with the best real estate centric professionals to tackle surrounding real estate needs.

While at New England Group Services I learned to work with REO (foreclosed) properties. Dealing with REO properties, and the buying challenges they present, allowed me to showcase my talents to guide buyers from the beginning to the end of a transaction. As for the selling side, I learned how to manage corporate clients and investor clients expectations and at the same time reach target goals for selling process.

Since joining Better Living Real Estate (BLRE), I have increased my sales volume each year that I have been a member of the organization. I have implemented another feather in my cap for my clients by surrounding them with my Lead Share Network (LSN). This is a group of real estate centric professionals that are involved in a real estate transaction and add a level of comfort to the transaction that other agents are not.

I have been a resident of Attleboro, MA for over 5 years now. I am the founder of the Champions Business Group in Brockton, MA and the co-founder of New England Advisors in Foxboro, MA.


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