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Timothy Yuettner

Bourque Alarm Systems, Inc.
RI #AFC-9236

Bourque Alarm Systems installs and services burglar and fire alarm systems throughout Rhode Island. Being a smaller company, we can focus on customer service. When you call, you won't be talking to a computer or selecting menu options. You will not be bounced around to various departments, repeatedly stating your request. You will speak with a person who is ready to address your alarm system needs. In fact, you will most likely be speaking directly with me, Tim Yuettner. I am the owner and, more importantly to you, I am am the technician likely to be providing your service.  I began servicing alarm systems in 1987 and, therefore, have many years of experience servicing many types of alarm systems. Most service issues are handled the same day or very soon after. You won't be asked to schedule an appointment several weeks out.

A big part of what we do is maintain commercial fire alarm systems and provide RI state-mandated testing of these types of systems. You can be sure the testing is done properly, and your local fire department is given documentation to keep your system current. Fire alarm testing is not only a state law but, if it is not current, you may experience delays obtaining or renewing permits and licensing you must have for your business to operate. It's not just the large factories and shopping malls which must have fire alarm systems. Commercial properties with four or more residential units or mixed-use properties (e.g., retail and residential within one building) also require testing.

One area where Bourque Alarm Systems stands out is in the use of wireless devices on commercial fire systems. Wireless fire alarm technology is an accepted method in most cities and towns within RI. Sometimes, a wireless device is preferred over having unsightly pipes and wires exposed or dealing with the mess and the cost of making holes, fishing wires within walls and ceilings and having to patch and paint afterwards.

For your home, we can provide alarm systems with a modern touchscreen design and small unobtrusive devices. Today, most residential burglar alarm systems utilize wireless devices. While aesthetics is important, cost is the biggest driver for using wireless components. Many systems are installed within one day, keeping labor costs low and saving you money. The products are designed to blend in with your home. Window and door wireless transmitters are sometimes smaller than their older wired counterparts, as are wireless motion detectors and glass break detectors. Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are frequently installed in conjunction with residential burglar alarm systems. We can do that for you and maintain the proper life safety code requirements.

Communication to a 24-hour central station is an important part of protecting your home or business. Older alarm systems were designed to communicate via telephone lines. While it is still possible for an alarm system to utilize a phone line, many people choose to not have landline telephone service. They use their cell phones, which your alarm system cannot utilize. If you do have a landline telephone service, and your alarm system communicates on that line, you are vulnerable to that communication being blocked by broken or damaged lines. That's why cellular communication is available for your alarm. We can install a cellular communicator dedicated to monitoring your system. This provides much better communication and fewer blocked signals. In some cases, your alarm may utilize your Wi-Fi systems to provide redundant communication via your internet service. Cellular and internet communication is faster and more reliable.

Once you have this type of device, it opens up options for remotely accessing your system via a smart wireless device, such as an iPhone, iPad, an Android phone or tablet. You can even use a computer. By accessing a secure app or website, you can arm or disarm your alarm. With expanded features, you can activate lights, unlock doors and control your thermostat. If you have systems in multiple locations, such as your home and your office, you can control both from just one app. You simply select which system you wish to control. You may also receive notifications via the app, via text or via email. Select whichever method you desire.

We can provide sensors to detect water leaks and cold temperatures from failures with your heating system. You can't always be home to keep an eye on things, especially if you have multiple homes. You may have a summer home, a winter home or simply a vacation home you wish to protect with these sensors connected to your alarm system.

Our central station is locally positioned in Providence, RI. The operators are always there for you. Their equipment is UL listed and backups are in place for emergencies, such as a loss of electrical power. Even in the event of a catastrophic loss from a hurricane, your signals are automatically routed to another facility to maintain your security.

Your insurance provider may offer discounts for alarm systems, especially when they include fire protection and central station monitoring. Ask your agent or provider for information as to what they offer. Bourque Alarm Systems can provide you with a certificate of installation to forward to them as proof of services.

Cameras and camera systems are another product and service we can provide. You may want a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system with a 24/7 recording device on site. Or you may desire wireless cameras via Wi-Fi, which saves video clips on a remote server. There are many options and a wide range of prices with camera systems. We can help you choose one that is right for your needs, even if a simple doorbell camera is all you desire.  Most even include the ability to view images remotely, either free or for a small monthly fee.

We at Bourque Alarm Systems are properly licensed and insured to provide peace of mind and meet the regulations in RI. We provide you with a toll-free phone line, 1-800-HOMEWATCH, so you are not charged costly landline fees just to call us.

If you want the right product and the best service, call Bourque Alarm Systems.



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