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Ali Tedeschi

H.O.M.E. by Ali - Home Organization Made Easy

When making the decision to sell your home, there are aspects to prepping the home that are often overlooked. The goal is to present the home in the best light to potential buyers. Kitchens that display optimized food storage and cooking implements really help a buyer understand how the space functions. Bedroom and bathroom closets that are streamlined allow a buyer to see how their belongings will fit in those spaces. Basements and garages offer great value to a buyer when these spaces can showcase their potential for storage. Decluttering and organizing offers a dual benefit for the seller. It presents a simplified home and also allows the seller to pare down belongings, leaving less to pack which often results in lower moving costs. 

Moving into your new home is also an optimal time to hire a professional. Helping you unpack and place your belongings thoughtfully in your new space with help you begin with efficient processes in place. Your home is your haven, your happy place. H.O.M.E. by Ali loves helping folks achieve peace of mind in the space they live and work in.


H.O.M.E. by Ali services:

• General Home Organization - Closets, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, basements, garages, attics, etc.

• Prepping for a Move - Decluttering to present your home in the best light to potential buyers and consolidating belongings to begin the packing process

• Downsizing - Empty-nesters and senior moving assistance

• Business Organization - Office supply closets/drawers, file archival, file clean-out, and shredding


More about Ali:

Ali is a true strategist. Her methodology is not a one-size-fits-all approach. She works with each client to understand their daily routines and how they function in their space. This allows her to set them up for success by creating systems that are maintainable based on their lifestyle.


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