Elaine Holmes

Better Living Real Estate, LLC
MA Sales License #9025947<br>

There's nothing more pleasurable than meeting new clients and finally handing over the keys to their future home!  It's really exhilarating.  

I've enjoyed the opportunity in assisting several families and individuals realize home-ownership dreams for 19 years. It's been a rewarding experience enhancing the quality of their lifestyle and equitable security.  

Our company's mission statement is,"Better Living for a Better Life."  It's the top reason why I joined Better Living Real Estate.  I wanted to live the philosophy and share it with family, friends, and most of all my clients. 

Whether you're a 1st time buyer or a novus, a real estate transaction can be stressful and quite an emotional experience. I intentionally pay close attention to my clients objectives and will offer a manageable comprehensive plan which provides a step by step home buying and selling process. I believe its important for my clients to feel secure and confident.  My history of successful experiences will pave the way to satisfaction well beyond their expectations. 

Better Living Real Estate understands your time and related costs are a priority. I'm able to refer high caliber, local professional experts, who are readily available and can provide a perfect balance of various reliable services and resources related to the purchase.  It's all part of my goal to insure my clients a positive experience before, during and beyond the closing.

If you're needing any assistance or would like more information about Better Living Real Estate®, please contact me. My last name happens to be my specialty.





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