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Jarred Polseno
Mortgage Loan Originator

Main Street Home Loans
RI #1949909
400 Reservoir Ave Suite 1F, G, H & I Providence, RI 02907
Providence, RI 02907

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Jarred graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a B.S. in Business Administration - Management. Upon graduating, Jarred worked alongside his father's property management company, and in the beginning of 2019 Jarred and his father opened a real estate development company after purchasing additional assets. Through these two entities, Jarred consistently networked, which in turn, helped him learn the insides and outs of real estate through a management perspective.

These endeavors have grown Jarred's passion for real estate. In early 2020, Jarred became a licensed mortgage loan originator in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. He now works at Main Street Home Loans, in Providence and is the youngest at his branch. Jarred enjoys working with people and assisting them in making important decisions. He likes to ensure that his clients are happy and comfortable throughout their entire loan process.


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