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Sharon DiGirolamo
General Coordinator

Angel Rays, Home Task Team

I am Sharon DiGirolamo, the General Coordinator, owner and creator of Angel Rays, Home Task Team.

Angel Rays is a unique business. We work directly with you and or your agent to coordinate the many tasks needed to get your home sale ready or move in ready.

Angel Rays was created as a need in the real estate market. We started as a cleaning company helping homeowners just stay on top of all the general tasks that are involved with homeownership. Cleaning, yard-work, and  small jobs that people just didn’t have the time to do were our niche.
As we evolved, we became the “go to” for you and your agent to coordinate and complete your homes many projects for its sale or move in readiness. 
We will walk through your home, create a check list with you of all the tasks needed, provide the services and resources to complete the tasks and be done in the needed time frame for all parties.

We are a small but powerful team of service professionals that will remove the stress and create the time you need to get these tasks done in a timely and cost effective way.




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