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Shawn Strok
Interior Designer

Strok Design

Interior Decorator/Designer Shawn Strok assists home owners and commercial clients with all aspects of finishing and or improving their interior spaces in homes and work spaces.

Shawn Strok is a graduate of The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Her career started on New York City’s Seventh Avenue in the fashion district working in both showroom sales and public relations for HUE Leg wear and then Gallery Coats.

After a few years she ventured out to the textile design industry and focused in on interiors as a specialty.  

In 2004, Shawn established her first business: Potters Hand Interiors. “It started when I was doing an addition on my home and all the people that came to work for us told me I should be ‘in the business’ and that I had a ‘great eye’ Shawn explains. She started her business on a 'referral only' basis with one client and one supplier. Soon the client list grew to include friends, neighbors and local realtors. “I have an entrepreneurial spirit, so I quickly decided to develop a larger business model” remembers Strok.

Decorating Den Interiors kept coming up on internet searches. The realization that her ideal business concept had already been created suggested a different approach; she purchased her new business on her birthday in April, 2008. Since then, she has built a large client list, received both local, regional, and national recognition, and moved into a design studio. In addition to being an interior decorator, Shawn enjoys training and coaching others to reach their goals through her involvement in Women's Success Network, Hockomock Advisors, and Waters Church.

Her design philosophy is simple: “I believe that if you truly care about the people that you’re serving, you will discover their hidden style and introduce them to it!

What is Shawn's Unique Proposition?

Specializing in Summer Homes of New England, our team goes wherever you need to provide you with expert design and unparalleled home furnishings. Whether it is your first home or one of many, we can take care of your entire project or work with your builder to create your dream space here in New England and beyond. From full scale renovations to custom window treatments, wall and floor coverings, bedding, furniture and accessories we create a personalized plan to finish off everything beautifully.  We collaborate with our clients to create the fullest expression of their style and tastes, right down to the family dog. We'll even do the ordering, take care of delivery and supervise installation!


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