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Carol Perlman, Ph.D.

Healthy 4 Life

I have been a psychologist since 1999 and a health Coach since 2014. I 100% stand behind the mission I am so passionate about: helping others become their healthiest selves.

I love to help others learn how to develop habits for physical and emotional health and well being. As your coach I am available for support, encouragement, and motivation.

I know it is not easy to keep up with an exercise routine and to prioritize YOUR needs for each meal. I can introduce you to many solutions for workouts and meal plans that can help solve this problem. I also have TONS of tricks up my sleeve that I love to teach others when it comes to time management, keeping your mindset positive, and taking the ACTION you need to take daily to reach your goals.

Whatever your starting point is, that's OK. I'd love to help you reach your goal

I look forward to working with you!


Use the contact form below to email me directly or, if you prefer, contact me via phone or one of the other methods listed.