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Philip Gasbarro
Real Estate Attorney

Philip W. Gasbarro, Esq.
RI #18807858
132 Old River Road, Suite 205
Lincoln, RI 02865

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A core practice area for our firm is providing title and settlement services for real estate transactions, including purchases, sales, and refinances. We can provide these services for residential, investment, and commercial properties. We also routinely handle a range of different types of clients, ranging from first-time homebuyers, to senior citizens with reverse mortgages, to investors new to the market, and busy professionals needing a no-hassle refinance.

Our title services involve conducing an examination of the title of the property to determine all of the owners, current liens (such as mortgages), and whether there are any easements or restrictions. After we review this information, we then prepare a commitment for title insurance that lays out the details of the lender’s title insurance and owner’s title insurance policies that we will be issuing at the closing. Our settlement and escrow services include everything that is needed to conduct the closing.

Our office offers direct client interaction, carefully tailored representation, and individualized attention to your matter. We focus on creating value for our clients by combining a results-orientated approach with competitive pricing.


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