Christopher Sullivan

Better Living Real Estate, LLC
MA Sales License #9539456

I'm Christopher Sullivan, real estate sales associate with Better Living Real Estate. I have lived in Massachusetts my whole life, being born and raised in Wilmington, and living in Billerica the last six years. Prior to being a real estate sales associate, I worked in the area as an EMT, which gave me an opportunity to gain insight on the surrounding area, which has given me a good feel for the pulse of the surrounding towns and neighborhoods..

My goal for working in real estate is simple: to make the process of buying or selling a home painless, fun and stress free. By mitigating the stress and anxiety of the process, it helps the client make educated and informed decisions. That's why I joined Better Living Real Estate. Our motto is "Better Living For A Better Life." It is our goal, through our hard work and dedication, to give our clients just that, a better life.

My training and education, through the varies jobs that I have held, have allowed me to be able to think clearly in stressful situations, and how to communicate with people in all sorts of situations. In years past, I have had to rely on just myself, but since joining Better Living Realty, I'm now part of a TEAM. The TEAM approach gives the client the best possible service available. What I have learned in my previous jobs, now applied to the TEAM, make the TEAM that much stronger.

The training I receive from Better Living Real Estate never ends. From working lunches to video chat round table meetings every week, there is always something new to learn. The experience that is brought to the training sessions by fellow team mates adds another layer to the training, allowing me to build custom real estate plans for each and every client, fitting perfectly for whatever the client needs or wants.

So why Better Living Real Estate? Simple: Every real estate plan is custom built for each and every client, which in the end, saves the client money. Combine that with my commitment and dedication to make the process painless, stress free and fun, and it's a win for the client.



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