The definition for "realtor" is : a person who acts as an agent for the sale and purchase of buildings and land; a real estate agent. In reality being a realtor is much more. I believe a realtor is one who has a passion for helping both individuals and families obtain a dream. To support, guide and help them to invest in a positive future. Better Living Real Estate's motto is to create a "Better Living For A Better Life." I joined Better Living Real Estate because I believe and share in that motto. I whole heartedly believe that helping people with the process of real estate transactions, buying or selling, is a truly rewarding and positive experience.

My background in customer service and restaurant work has led me to an extremely customer focused career in real estate. In my work history, I've been most comfortable cultivating and coordinating a "team" philosophy with my peers. I work hard to deliver positive results for my clients. Helping people, whether my peers or customers, was a driving factor for me to choose Better Living Real Estate and its "Client Team" philosophy of helping our real estate home buyers and sellers." I have found that working with Better Living and living their motto has been most beneficial in servicing my clients.

Together with an experienced team of real estate professionals, I deliver an extremely comprehensive service plan to my clients. Each client's real estate plan is custom built specifically to address each of their individual goals, whether selling or buying property. Choosing to work with me and Better Living Real Estate provides my clients with a better solution and real estate plan because we care enough to truly listen to our client's specific needs. In fact, we consistently bring together real estate solutions that often exceed our client expectations."

We constantly monitor our client's real estate process and coordinate all the transaction details with their Client Team.  Protecting our client's interests both currently and in the future is inherently built into our service. It's a caring way of taking the time to assemble services that make life planning decisions better and less stressful for our busy consumers. In the end, our organized process makes real estate a fun experience. We simply love what we do and care about helping you."


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