Better Living for a Better Life®

It's more than our motto. It's a Great Way to Measure a Company.

The Lead Share Network concept of creating a local "Real Estate based Business Team" was developed by Better Living Real Estate, a Massachusetts and Rhode Island licensed real estate brokerage with over 27 years of experience in marketing, business development and consumer advocacy.

Lead Share Network was born out of our belief that each of our real estate clients should have a team of experts to assist them with making a major life decision like buying or selling real estate. Real Estate transactions often involve hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of important decisions for individuals and families.

Bob Simone, Founder & BrokerBy connecting our real estate consumers with the best local experts and advice for their brokerage, financial, legal, tax, construction, design, marketing, staging, decorating and other important life decisions both before, during and after a real estate transaction, we help empower them to get the advice they need that will lead them to make better decisions. Putting together a great "Client Team" just made sense to us and is one of the reasons that our motto is to create a "Better Living for a Better Life" for your customers.

We hope that you'll consider becoming a valuable part of our local client team and make a positive impact on the lives of thousands of individuals and families in our marketplace through our Lead Share Network program.

About Better Living Real Estate®

Better Living for a Better Life ® is our baseline philosophy that guides us to leave a client in better shape and a better place than when we first met them; it's part of our belief in improving the human condition. It's a core philosophy that we test all company systems and decisions against, to ensure we are operating the highest ethical standards and the well-being of our most important assets.

In Better Living Real Estate, we developed a very forward thinking company that leverages both today's best virtual office technology and traditional human resources. We believe in the importance of connecting with your peers as a way of building a personal and company wide real estate system. Our Better Living Real Estate system not only improves the lives of our clients, but it also focuses on improving the productivity, income and work environment of our Associates.

Every company and office needs to have a mission and belief system to give it purpose and direction. People employed at a company should be there because they believe in the values their company represents. In real estate, like most industries, agents have a choice as to where their vision and ethics will take them. We believe that a "better living" is achievable for both our clients and Associates. Our Associates are involved in the ideas, development and leadership of our brokerage and can even serve on an Associate Advisory Panel to the brokerage.

"Better Living for a Better Life" isn't just a tagline, it's why we feel great about being part of such a caring and ethical team that truly helps families and people enjoy the old fashioned "American Dream" and so much more. It's not only profitable, but also magical to make such a positive impact in people's lives as part of Better Living Real Estate.

Be Inspired to build a "Better Living For A Better Life!"

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